About Us

Market Leadership

McCord Research is a small team of highly trained experts that have been working together for more than fifteen years. Our consistent flow of high-quality research has provided the healthcare industry with cutting edge products in skin care, animal health and nutritional supplements. Our current research laboratory, the McCord Research Lab at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia is exploring olive polyphenol effects on the human genome and achieving the latest scientific discoveries that will pave the way for the future of healthcare.


McCord Research has primarily focused on bioactive molecules found in the olive plant, leading to the development of our patented Olivamine® ingredient. Olivamine® is the foundation of many McCord Research products and continues to gain patents in several categories with our growing body of research and evidence.

Skin Care

McCord Research developed Remedy® with Olivamine® brand skin care products, that is currently the #1 selling medical skin care line in Central and North America and can be found in countless hospitals, care centers, and homes across the United States and Canada. McCord Research more recently released the Viniferamine® brand of skin and wound care products that is continually expanding across North American Markets. Pinnaclife and Olivamine® are additional brands of skin care products created at McCord Research that are distributed internationally in Asia.

Nutritional Supplements

The Olivamine® Pinnaclife® professional line of supplements was developed by McCord Research that continues to fund and support ongoing research. The Olivamine® Pinnaclife supplements provide a variety of products to deliver nutritional support for general health, using preferred ingredients known to be safe, effective, and bioavailable in the proper balance. The Olivamine® Pinnaclife products are recommended by licensed healthcare professional providers in multiple disciplines, and McCord Research provides a full research center to provide further education for healthcare professionals and consumers alike.

Animal Health

McCord Research’s newest product development is its Olivamine® Animal Health Line, offering a variety of pet-friendly topical products for veterinary use. The product line includes shampoos, anti-pruritics, topical wound care dressings, behavior-modifying topical deterrents, and external ear products. The line was developed with the collaboration of the two leading veterinary dermatologists in the United States and includes both OTC and prescription-only products.


McCord Research prides itself on its strong collaborative ties with its manufacturers, suppliers, testers, and distributors. Each manufacturer, supplier, and independent tester has been carefully researched and continues to be carefully monitored to ensure that all McCord Research products are safe, effective, and easily accessible. In addition, each product line is independently supported by licensed healthcare professionals and industry leaders.


McCord Research currently holds over 12 patents and a medical device grant with many more patents pending for the Olivamine® proprietary antioxidant blend. Currently the Olivamine® composition is classified as a trade secret to protect the formula.